"Diffondere la lingua e la cultura italiane nel mondo."




Mr. Hunter Cran, the rector of Falkirk High School founded the Dante Alighieri Society of Falkirk on 12th February 1963. Mr. Cran had served in the Italian campaign with the Royal Marine Commandos during the 1939 -45 war and had come to love Italy, its people and culture. He put an article in the Falkirk Herald, inviting anyone with an interest in Italy and its culture, to a meeting at the Temperance Café, Lint Riggs, Falkirk.  

The response was great and so the Society came into being. Mr. Cran was fortunate in the fact that he gained the support of a group of members, who collectively had great imagination and enthusiasm, such as, Dr. D Harper, Mrs. Jean Mclean, Mrs. W. Webster, Mr. M. Serafini, and many others. The society once boasted over 80 members, this being due to the efforts of one person, Mrs. Luciana Wood. She was appointed secretary on 17th December 1974 with membership of 20, and she managed with a combination of drive, numerous contacts and an indomitable spirit to increase the membership four-fold. Another long serving member who deserves a mention is Ian Ludbrook who has been a member and committee member for 24 years. Membership currently stands at between 40 and 50. 

During the last 44 years the Falkirk Society has played host to numerous outstanding speakers, covering diverse topics from Italian wines, to Roman Architecture and Palaces to children sleeping rough in the streets of Naples. In recent years several of our own members have given very interesting and successful presentations covering many topics.  

The Society has always provided Italian classes catering for different abilities. In 1967 it even offered two classes for children and was the first, and perhaps the only Society in Britain to do so.

 Since 1988 the Society has had the privilege of being granted several bursaries to study Italian in Italy. Seven members of the Society have so far taken up the opportunity to study for four weeks in Italy. 

We are always looking for new members and would cordially invite anyone with an interest in Italy and Italian culture or language to contact us and join the Society.








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Last modified: March 24, 2013